Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Although I have poo-pooed New Year's Resolutions vehemently in the past, this year has been a year of change. Change is difficult, but usually best. So, in the spirit of change and growth, and in the spirit of being New.....here it goes.


1. Be more patient. Impatience is usually a struggle against something which you have no control over what so ever. It takes you out of the the "moment" and usually snowballs into frustration which snowballs into irritability, which usually makes everyones life miserable.
2. Be less judgmental. Judgements also seem to come from a place of needing or wanting control. Judgement seems to be misplaced control. It is true that if I am judging someone else (good/bad, right/wrong) I am usually worrying about what I am doing that is good/bad, right/wrong. My opinions on someone else's behavior probably won't make any difference in their choices or behavior anyway. My judgments usually only get my own panties in a bunch, and I certainly don't like the feeling of bunched up draws!
3. Accept things that I cannot change. There is peace in just dealing with what is real and right now, peacefully and without placing a value on it. Things are the way they are for a reason. Usually we are where we are because there is something that we need to learn. This doesn't mean that we don't aspire for more, that we don't want change for the better. But it's important not to spend too much time, thinking, worrying about, fussin' about, the way things are. There is grace in acceptance.
4. Listen better. I talk a lot. My friends and loved ones have wonderful things that they want to share, get advice on without being interrupted, or hearing MY version.
5. Honor my body and health because as I near 44 (5 days away) it is becoming clear to me that this is the only body I am going to get and I better make it last. I am far from an exercise zealot, but I am fairly active. I live to eat, but do most things in moderation. ( I haven't worked out chocolate in moderation yet. But I try to keep it to dark chocolate, you know the Anti-Oxidant kind! LOL) But, I can no longer squat all the way to the floor( you know bend at the knees to see eye to eye with my two year olds), AND I have to hold reading material farther and farther away from my face to get it in focus. If you haven't hit 40 yet, you probably have NO idea what I am talking about, but keep living and you will.
6. Take myself out (or let someone else take me out) at least once a month to do something that I looove to do. Other's know how to love you by the way you love yourself!
7. Watch a movie from beginning to end once a week. I pay for "500"movie channels every month, but have not seen an entire movie from beginning to end, in one sitting all year long. That is ridiculous!

And because of a few amazing women that I have come into contact with, (because my life started falling apart and I decided to blog) I have been inspired to...

8. Spend more time observing and listening to the wonders of my children like Lisa at Loony Bin.
9. Frequently post witty, insightful blogs like Liz at Los Angelista.
10. View the world with thoughtful curiosity and compassion like Mes Deux Cents.
11. Be able to read ( a whole lot more) and make thoughtful commentary on what I read like Toni, at Sew Transformed.
12. Read the news and other information, important or trivial everyday like Joy at Sweeter the Juice.

13. Not beat myself up if I don't do all or any of the above.


Lisa said...

As usual, you make great points. Change is difficult and scary, even when you know it's time. I'm not even crazy about re-arranging the furniture.

I am getting close to my 43rd birthday and can relate to your issues with THAT. I have to admit that I have actually been complaining to anyone who will listen that "they are making the print too small anymore" while attempting to dose out the correct amount of baby Tylenol. That's bad enough but when I have to cut the baby's nails it is even worse. Let's hope she doesn't end up having trouble counting to ten, due to missing fingers!

Janie said...

Exactly! Whenever one of the twins sees me coming with nail clippers they hide their hands! lol

It would be nice if I could learn to make necessary changes BEFORE they were forced on me for a change!

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Janie,

Most people are continually stuck in a rut. I love that you are willing to do the work to constantly evolve.

You are a really good role model. Your kids are very fortunate.

And thanks for your kind words about me.

Liz said...

Happy early birthday to you, Janie. Hope the rain doesn't keep you from enjoying yourself.

Your list is so reflective and has the ring of truth to it. Whew, I feel you on the eyes. My vision has gone to heck this past year. And you are so kind to say that about me and my blog.

Lisa said...

I forgot to thank you for mentioning my blog. So, thanks. I also wanted to say that I think that your posts ALWAYS have some words of wisdom.

I'll bet you give great advice.

Janie said...

Thanks for that! Sometimes in the middle of chaos, we tend to focus on the mistakes we make, what we are NOT doing right.

I appreciate your confidence in my efforts!

Today some friends (who are a few years older than I am) took me to breakfast. They got a kick out of asking me if I needed to borrow their $10 CVS magnifying glasses!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I'm glad you have found helpful words in my blog.

I have found ALL of your blogs a joy!!

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